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About Us

It was in the winter of 1977 when I saw my first Giant. He saw me off in the distance and when he stopped and stood there looking at me, I knew that this was the breed for me. He ran over to the fence and stared at me, eye to eye. Ever since that day I have been captivated by the breed and have loved every minute of it.

Now, almost 40 years later, I am still hooked on the breed, and strive for excellence!

The giant is a very unique breed of dog because it does not shed, and can be considered hypo-allergenic. They make a wonderful family pet, as well as an alert watch dog. Once you own one you will find that where ever you go, you will be stopped and told just how beautiful your dog is.

I have dedicated all of my adult life to working with the breed and believe I have helped make it a better and more beautiful dog.

My greatest pleasure is watching puppies go to new homes and giving the new family the same thrill I get every day that I work with my dogs.

Derrick Wood